Sunday, July 17, 2016

Installing Patio Lights

Patio Light Design Ideas

Patio lanterns

Lighting design ideas for the patio. (Photo Credits)

Lighting up the patio can spell the difference between a boring space outside the house, and an outdoor space that can be utilized by the whole family for relaxation purposes. Temecula, California        

Installing patio lights would mean that the family can stay in the patio past dinner time, and even entertain guests there.

The website Real Simple says Patio Lights can make even a small area look bright and happy.

“If you don’t have a spot to place a lamp, you can also opt for outdoor string lights, which still lend a dreamy effect and create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying that summer nighttime air.”

Check out the small patio lighting design ideas here.

Patio Lighting Tips

The website Domino also shared more tha two dozen ideas to light up a patio.

“Add a hutch to your outdoor dining space for shade during the day—and lights for a festive nighttime dining experience. Seriously, how dreamy does this dinner party setup look?”

Check out the lighting ideas here.

Not-So-Expensive Patio Lighting

DIY Joy meantime shared a homemade patio lights instructional that could light up the patio of a homeowner even if he has a tight budget.

“Looking for an impressively easy DIY lighting idea for your patio? These DIY Mason jar glow lights have an incredible WOW factor, considering the little time and effort required to make them. Unlike many DIY projects that come with long supply lists and will send you to a variety of stores shopping for supplies, this craft uses only a jar, some colorful glow in the dark paint.”

Watch the instructional video here.

To ensure safety consult a licensed electrician when installing patio lights.

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