Tuesday, July 26, 2016

All about Modern Ceiling Fans

Modern Design, Modernized Efficiency

Herb Import Canal Back Nov 2010 Ceiling fan

Design and Usefulness. (Photo Credits)

Modern ceiling fans do more than just blow breezy air in a room. It also improves the aesthetic appearance of a room almost effortlessly.

Home Living Answers shared some ways on how to use a functional ceiling fan into a decorative piece. Electrician Temecula CA 

“Given the room and the motif that you have chosen, there are actually many ceiling fans that would work. Some of the newer ceiling fans today, not only embrace the notion that a ceiling fan must be functional but stylish and match the mood or look of that particular room. For this reason, the companies that make them are looking to the designers and decorators to dictate what fans will be in for the following year and which ones will not.”

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Functional Beauty

Singapore Home and Décor also showed its readers the many ways a modern ceiling fan can complement the interior décor of a home.

“This sleek single-blade fan doesn’t mar the minimalist look of this living room. It makes a great conversational piece too!”

Check out more sample designs here.

It can be upcycled too

But what about old, non-functioning ceiling fans?

The website DIY Everywhere says it can be upcycled into a candle holder.

“The ceiling fan light is one of the classic elements that comes to mind when thinking about a home from the 1970s or 1980s. The flared glass bulb covers that resemble a flower look dated hanging from a ceiling fan by today’s standards. As a result, they’ve been replaced by more modern designs and can now be found in thrift stores or the garbage. However, rather than let the craftsmanship (albeit dated) go to waste, why not find a new use for these lights as candle holders? With a little bit of wood and a half an hour, you can easily craft yourself a cool candle holder.”

Get the step-by-step instructions here.

When installing modern fans always seek the help of an electrician contractor, as they are in th best position to safely and properly install modern ceiling fans.

Installing Patio Lights


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