Thursday, June 2, 2016

Efficient Solar Lamps

The Benefits of Solar Lamps

Solar Lamp

Undeniably Efficient. (Photo Credits)

Solar Lamps, whether it is professionally made, or home crafted via DIY, are undeniably efficient and environment friendly.

And this is the reason why more and more individuals are trying to harness its power even via the Do-It-Yourself route.

For instance, Hometalk shared an instructional post on how to make a solar lamp that can alternately be used as a House Number Sign and Porch d├ęcor. Temecula CA click here 

“Is it a lamp? Is it a planter? Is it a house number sign? Yes, yes, and yes.”

Check out the tutorial here.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Science Alert for its part encouraged its readers to upcycle their old mobile phone batteries into Portable Solar Lamps.

“To test the idea out, Diouf hooked up a single lithium-ion battery from a mobile phone and used it to run a 1 Watt solar lamp for just over three hours. When he swapped the LED bulb for a 0.5 Watt one, which still provides enough light for reading and writing, the system lasted for six hours. Diouf also took things one-step further and built a 12-volt system out of three batteries, a 5 Watt lamp, and a solar panel for less than US$25. That provided enough power to light a room five hours a day for three years, without needing any maintenance.”

Read the whole article here.

Two-in-one Finds

Gadget Flow meantime featured a Solar Lamp that also works as a bug zapper, making it perfect for gardens.

“Say goodbye to those flies and mosquitoes while you camp outdoors with the help of this Solar-Powered UV Bug Zapper & LED Garden Lamp. It can attract and entrap flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects thus keeping your outdoor camping experience free from the annoying “buzz”. This lamp consists of 8 bright LED bulbs which can easily light up a garden, patio or even a walkway. The integrated solar panel will power up zapper from the sun and helps you save energy that way. Staying outdoors post sundown wouldn’t be that difficult anymore.”

Check it out here.

Will you buy a solar powered lamp?

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