Monday, May 2, 2016

Home Lighting Design Ideas

Lighting up the home

Interior photos

The lighting design can make a big difference. (Photo Credits)

Lighting design can make a huge difference in a home. When someone comments that a house is gloomy that may mean that it is dark and not well-lit. When a room is described as bright and cheery, most likely it has something to do with both the windows and the lighting.

Room Edit shared tips on how to light up the home during the darker winter months. Click here

“Use LED lights on the plinth to creating a floating effect, and hang a row of three pendant lights above an island. If you are positioning pendants over a permanent fixture, consider low-hung shades for an intimate atmosphere. Typically, pendants should be hung around 70 to 85cm above a worktop, or 182cm above the floor. In the kitchen you need good task lighting for preparing food, ambient lighting for everyday meals, and decorative lighting to make a style statement. Put all lights on dimmer switches so the level of light can be altered depending on the activity at hand.”

Check out the photos here.

Larger and Brighter meantime featured a designer whom for his part shared great lighting design ideas for every type of home.

“He focused on the ceiling fixtures, table lamps and floor lamps, making sure each room had an original mix of shapes, finishes, textures and design styles. “

Take a look at the design ideas here.

A different feel

Simply Designing encourages the use of industrial lighting fixtures to add an interesting feature to the home.

“I love decorating with industrial touches in my home and we are slowly trying to add new, beautiful lighting to our home!  I feel that adding fun and unique light fixtures is a great way to add character to your home without spending a ton of money.”

Read the rest of the post here.

What lighting design have you adapted in  your home?

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